Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I made this floral arrangement for our church where my husband pastors.  (click on photos to enlarge them) Getting the supplies together to make it was not an easy task.  I was asked to make it when it was between seasons which made it very hard to find flowers.  So...
I hand to buy flowers by the stem.... 2 stems of this, 3 stems of that and 5 stems of something else.  You get the idea.  See those three stems of white flowers sticking out of the top?  They were actually 2 stems and I had to cut one in half to make three because they only had 2 stems.  When I finally got it all together and started designing the arrangement I didn't have enough flowers to make the design I wanted to make. So.....
I took it all apart and started over.  I still did not have enough flowers and had to plunder through  my own stash of flowers to find enough flowers to complete it.  The container was mine too.  It is in a silver urn that would retail for at least $50.00.  It's heavy and has to be polished.
This is a VERY tall arrangement, about 4 feet.  I made it using my favorite colors, pink and purple.  I love bright colors.   It is really what I would consider a spring arrangement, but the only flowers they had out were left overs from spring and summer.  The good thing was that all the flowers were 60% off.  This arrangement would retail for about $500.00.  A flower arrangement half this size would easily cost $250 or more at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or a florist.

Fall will be here soon and I have already gathered the flowers to make a fall arrangement!  This time I want be scrambling for flowers.

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