Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scrapbookers Less Likely to Divorce

"Pictures and photo albums are powerful tools. Photographs have a way of getting into our minds and sticking there like little Post-it-notes in our brains. Marriage experts have reported that couples who keep photo albums of their memories have healthier relationships and are actually less likely to divorce. I wonder if that's because they spend more time remembering and reflecting on their history together and relishing the great moments. They keep falling in love all over again.

Flipping through the pages of God's Word when we see it as his photo album of grace it is much the same thing. As we turn the pages, we remember the amazing things He's done, and our relationship with Him grows and deepens. We remember and reflect on our history with Him, and we relish the great moments. We see clearly His faithfulness and His provision for us, and we love and trust Him all over again."(book: Women of Faith; article by Nicole Johnson: "Infinite Grace")

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