Monday, February 21, 2011


I am so excited over the new Spring Up stamp set B1365 !!! Get this stamp set for ONLY $13.95 by clicking here: Spring Up OR Call me to place your order! Be sure to check out the clearance items too here: While Supplies Last

This is one of many looks you can get when making a flower using this stamp set. IT IS SO EASY!!!!

The above photo shows the flower before I glued it or added ink to the back and edges of the rose. I was just playing with it to get the look I liked.

To make this rose.....

Stamp the images three times on white cardstock

Ink the back and edges of the flower using a sponge dobber

Cut out one rose cutting around only the outer edges (this will be your base)

Cut out the other two roses cutting around the edges of the image and following the white line into the center of the image.

Curl 1 of the cut out roses loosly and glue to the stamped image base.

Curl the 2nd rose a little tighter and glue it in the center of the first two layers.

Add a self adhesive pearl to the center.

The above card is shown with a different syle of rose made with this same stamp set.


Anonymous said...

This great -- I totally overlooked this stamp set in the catalog. Thanks for showing how easy it is to make one of these flowers.

Lisa Sargent said...

I hate that you made me just want this stamp set!!!! :) Beautiful flowers. Love the tutorial, too!

Katy said...

lol....I looked at this stamp set numerous times and I kept thinking..."I don't need another flower stamp set"...never once did I notice that it was meant to be cut out to make a 3D flower! Thanks for pointing that out!

Debra Pate said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. I think this is one of the best stamp sets CTMH has made to date. We can make flowers to match perfectly whatever we are working on!