Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This was a card that our nephew, Rodney and his family sent, sent us for Christmas. The Snowman is made from felt, nose is foam, trees are siver pipe cleaners/chenille stems, birdies are felt and cardstick, felt hat, ribbon scarf, glitter snow, foam hat with ribbon band on hat, black gems for mouth & eyes. Lots of bling on this card. I am a bling kind of girl, LOL!!!!

This card is from my friends, Cindy Echtinaw. I LOVE this card. I think it is called a Z fold card because it folds up like he shape of the letter "Z". The joy lookes like it was really stitched!!! It was a few days after I got the card before I realized that it was stamped. the "O" in "Joy" is a button.

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sawitten said...

I love these cards! They are super cute!