Thursday, January 29, 2009


OMGosh, I just had to have this card kit the minute I saw it! It was just way too cute to resist! and at only $12.95 I thought what a deal for 12 handmade cards. These cards were Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey to make!!!! This is the easiest set of cards I have ever made and they are so cute! All I had to do was add the stickers that I wanted to use on each card and "Wola," I was done. Much to my suurprise, I had LOTS of stickers left over too!!!! WoooHooo!

This is my all-time favorite My Originals Card Kit called "Hello Birdie" !!!! It comes with 12 card bases, 12 envelopes, and three 6"x12" sheets of My Stickease stickers. You can purchase this card kit here: X8623 or by calling or e-mailing me.

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